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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The neurological physiotherapists at Liverpool Neuro Physio commonly treat conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating disorder which is characterised by prolonged fatigue (long term tiredness) which does not get better after rest. The symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome can be mild or moderate with the rare case getting severe symptoms. Chronic fatigue syndrome can last for many years. The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is unknown.

Physiotherapy can be beneficial to anyone who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome. Physiotherapy can help to increase fitness levels without feeling the extreme effects of doing exercise.

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Effects of chronic fatigue syndrome

The symptoms of chronic fatigue will vary from person to person depending on how mild, moderate or severe their condition is. Some of the symptoms may include:


this is the main symptom following mental or physical activity. People may describe it as an overwhelming fatigue.


Some will experience pain in the joints and muscles but have no swelling or inflammation.

Sleep disturbance

it can affect sleeping patterns of some causing insomnia and disturbed sleep.

Other problems

this includes psychological problems like depression, palpitations, stomach pain, sore throat, dizziness, balance problems and excessive sweating.

Some things are said to make the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome worse these may include:

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Physiotherapy for chronic fatigue syndrome

At Liverpool Neuro Physio our physiotherapists will work together with you to produce a treatment plan that will suit you and your symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Your physiotherapist has sound knowledge of your condition with an insight to what can make it worse. It is essential for a person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome to maintain their fitness levels without it making their condition worse. Your exercise program will be specific to your abilities taking into consideration your symptoms and treatment may include some of the following:

The physiotherapists at Liverpool Neuro Physio want you to get the maximum out of your treatment. They understand that your main concern maybe that your condition is disabling you to continue with your normal functioning. Your physiotherapists want you to gain the maximum function and independence you possibly can. Your physiotherapist at Liverpool Neuro Physio will take into consideration your physical problems but also account for any other complications you may have. Your physio will try their best to motivate you and encourage you during your treatment which can help to alleviate and low mood you may be suffering.

Physiotherapy treatment will differ from person to person and will be specific to you and your symptoms as well as your ability and other complications; it can vary due to the severity of the condition that you may be suffering. Your physiotherapist will work with you to try and increase your fitness levels at a graduated pace.

At Liverpool Neuro Physio our physiotherapists believe it is important to continue with physiotherapy treatment to keep your fitness levels up and to prevent and further complications occurring. Your physiotherapist will ensure that your programme is adjusted to how your symptoms are with the treatment and ensure that they only work you at levels that are comfortable for you whilst increasing your fitness. This increase in your fitness and exercise will have positive effects on your mood and will encourage and motivate you to manage your condition. The increase in fitness will lead to you having increased mobility making you more independent.

Your physiotherapist at Liverpool Neuro Physio will work closely with you to teach you methods of managing your pain. Using special techniques only a physiotherapist can perform. Your physiotherapist wants you to gain the most independence you can. Your physiotherapist will teach any exercise program to you and your family /carer so you can continue between your physiotherapy sessions.

To arrange an appointment or to speak to one of our specialists, call us on 0151 558 0188 or email office@liverpoolneurophysio.co.uk.

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