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Ataxia is a condition that affects the coordination of movement. It is caused by disruption and damage to the brain, particularly an area of the brain called the cerebellum. At Liverpool Neuro Physio we understand how physiotherapy can be used to help retrain the coordination of your movement.

What is Ataxia?

Ataxia is a condition caused by damage to a part of the brain called the cerebellum. The cerebellum is responsible for the coordination of the limbs to perform specific movements, such as walking and sitting. When the cerebellum is damaged it loses its ability to coordinate movements. Individuals with ataxia find it difficult to carry out smooth coordinated movements; instead movements look clumsy and broken up. Damage to the spinal cord and the nervous system can also cause ataxia.

Living with ataxia can be frustrating for both the person and their families. At Liverpool Neuro Physio our physiotherapists can help you to improve the lack of coordination associated with ataxia. Your physiotherapist will provide advice on strategies and task practice to improve your performance of key everyday tasks.

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Types of Ataxia

Over 50 types of ataxia have been medically recorded. Each type can be classified into the following three categories:

Acquired ataxia

damage to the cerebellum or the nervous system caused by an injury or an illness (e.g. stroke) causes ataxia symptoms to develop suddenly.

Heriditary ataxia

genetic mutation inherited from parents cause the symptoms of ataxia to gradually develop over many years.

Idiopathic late onset cerebellar ataxia (ILOA)

ataxia that results from progressive damage over time to the cerebellum. The reasons for such damage are still unknown.

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Effects of Ataxia

The symptoms of ataxia can affect every part of the body and cause difficulties with speaking, vision and swallowing. The following effects of ataxia can be successfully managed with physiotherapy:

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Physiotherapy treatment for Ataxia

Living with ataxia is very draining and frustrating and it can have an impact on many areas of your life. Therefore the aim of physiotherapy at Liverpool Neuro Physio is to get the most out of your functional ability and potential in order to improve your quality of life. Physiotherapy treatment for apraxia may include:

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Benefits of physiotherapy treatment for Ataxia

At Liverpool Neuro Physio our team of experienced physiotherapists understand that living with ataxia is very demanding and distressing therefore it is our aim to provide you with the best quality of care you need in order to manage your condition. Successful management of your ataxia may result in the following benefits:

If you suffer from ataxia then our physiotherapists at Liverpool Neuro Physio can help you to manage your condition. Our aim is to ensure that you get the best out of our physiotherapy services.

To arrange an appointment or to speak to one of our specialists, call us on 0151 558 0188 or email office@liverpoolneurophysio.co.uk.

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